About Cheryl

Cheryl L. Conner M.A.E., J.D. Principal and Founder

Cheryl is a deeply empathic woman with a sparkling intelligence and creative soul.

She brings a depth of worldly experience, as an accomplished lawyer and alternative thinker. The American Bar Association named her its first Legal Rebel and she served both in the private sector, at Goodwin, Procter and Hoar, and in the public, as an Assist. Attorney General, U.S. Attorney and Sen. Counsel to the Mass. Legislature.  

The Fetzer Institute, named her as its first lawyer to be awarded a Contemplative Practice Fellowship for cutting-edge curriculum integrating meditation and inter-religious dialogue with clinical education when she was a full-time law teacher.  

She continues to serve lawyers and those engaged in social justicie initiatives to be reflective, self-nurturing, and conscious.

Cheryl has promoted alternative perspective on health, in her founding and development of the Vermont Health and Wellness Cooperative, a self-financed Grange-like holistic health community. She ahs done the same in business, as a founding faculty member for the Marlboro College’s MBA in Managing Sustainability, which featured  alternative business models which explore deeper levels of democratic decision-making and systems thinking.

A life-long student of the ancient religious traditions and the “inner sciences”. She has taught and counseled many who, like her, are eclectic and spiritual explorers. She is authorized to teach traditional Buddhism, and has evolved to incorporate music, art, poetry, journaling and nature as paths of personal evolution.

Experiences of environmental and physical trauma have catalyzed Cheryl to research, apply and share with others, her understanding of the complex journey of  re-constituting one’s energetic being and psyche after such experiences. Counseling lawyers in high-conflict cases or those who have been traumatized by law practice, has proven meaningful to her.

Now, she counsels those who need support in balance, resilience and finding their True Nature, and offers public talks and programs on Balance, Resilience, and using the Arts and Nature as paths to Wholeness.

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